About this Blog

This blog is using WordPress 2.1.3 with K2 version 0.95-rc1. I thought I’d share with everyone what plugins/themes I’m using to create this blog:

  • WordPress Default 2.1 K2 theme, with my own customizations.
  • Adsense-Deluxe 0.8 – Brilliant plugin which allows one to easily add Google AdSense code into blocks and easily switch between blocks without have to copy and paste the code again. Many other interesting features and capabilities that I have not even tried yet.
  • Akismet 2.0 plugin (comes with WordPress 2.1)
  • Feedburner Feed Replacement 2.2
  • Google Sitemaps 3.0b1 – Automatic generation of a Google Sitemap for your WordPress blog. Automatically re-generates the sitemap any time a page is edited or created.
  • Latex Render plugin – let’s me write latex code and have it rendered and displayed as an image.
  • Site Meter plugin
  • Subscribe to Comments 2.1
  • Ultimate Google Analytics Plugin – this plugin is awesome. It disables the Google Analytics Javascript code if I access the site as my logged-in user.

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