XIC Stock Split

Anyone who owns iShares CDN S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index Fund (XIC) may have noticed that it is trading at around $20 when it should be in the $80s. It is because they announced a stock split, however, the additional units haven’t been disbursed to share holders yet. Meanwhile, in my E*Trade account it says that holdings in XIC have a market value 73% less than the book value because the split price has already taken effect.

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  1. Yeah, all this iShares splitting is giving me a headache. I had everything nicely tracked in GoogleFinance. Now it looks like I’ve lost all this money – I don’t know how many shares of have of anything now. Pfffft. Share splitting. When will E*Trade be up to date with my revised number of shares?
    How many other iShares ETFs have split.


  2. *update*

    Looking deeper into my E*Trade account it says I have 183 shares of XIC – when I originally bought 61.

    – now I have 3x the number of shares I used to

    So I orig bought 61 shares at $80.34

    Does that mean that since I have exactly 3x more shares that I have to assume I bought 183 shares at (80.34/3) = $26.78 ?

    Is it as simple as that?

  3. *called e-trade*

    it was actually a 3:1 split.

    So all you do is (original # shares) x 4

    (original purchase price )/4

    the 183 shares I saw was how many MORE shares they gave me on top of the 61 I owned.

    I’m such a n00b at all of this.

  4. I think there is a typo in your last post. You said 3:1 but then you wrote x 4 and /4. Let me know and I’ll correct it for you.

  5. I don’t have access to my E*Trade account right now but you can look at it in many ways. You can think of all the old trades and balances as they are and then you can think of a sudden drop in price at the same time as you were given some shares (for free). Or you can adjust all the old prices and numbers of shares to match the present.

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