Vancouver Housing Bubble Has Finally Burst

The Vancouver housing bubble has finally burst and here is just some of what I have seen in the past month or so that has led me to this conclusion:

Look for the real estate people to stay positive all the way down to the bottom. Check out this awesome graph charting David Lereah’s (US National Association of Realtors Chief Economist) comments.

5 thoughts on “Vancouver Housing Bubble Has Finally Burst”

  1. Now, i realize people want to live in Vancouver. Do they really want to live there that badly? I mean, in my home city I did a search of homes with 3 bedrooms over 750K only one came up at 799K:

    Slightly nicer in my books that that 3 bed 3 bath up there.

  2. Vancouver (house) “flippers” are still beating the drum loudly and they keep on insisting that the housing prices are going to go up. They claim the olympics will bring at least one million people. What they are forgetting that after olympics usually the cities go bankrupt and ‘one million’ people are NOT staying forever. Every good thing comes to an end, keep dreaming guys.

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