Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF

The Canadian Capitalist mentioned today how he substituted EFA for VEA, a new ETF from Vanguard. The Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF (VEA) is almost identical to iShares’ EFA, which follows the MSCI EAFE index. This is so cool, and its MER is 0.20% less. Not a huge deal, but hey, why not go for VEA over EFA. Looks like Vanguard has the complete offering of ETFs now.

I’m currently in XIN, the Canadian-dollar traded version of EFA. I was thinking of switching to EFA the next time I plan on making a purchase of XIN/EFA (which will probably in 3-6 months time), so I’ll probably go with VEA instead. The bulk of my portfolio will be made up of VEA and VTI, along with XIC, VWO, XRB, and XSB. (Probably phasing in some XRE later too).

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