Status of Transfer to E*Trade

Well four of my mutual funds were finally transferred. My one ETF (iShares XIU, the S&P TSX 60 Index ETF) was transferred very quickly. But it took the mutual funds almost a month, and I am still waiting for one more (an Elliot & Page Growth Opportunities)! Yet another reason to get ETFs instead of mutual funds I guess. 🙂

I have just noticed that E*Trade’s website does not offer much. Beyond buying & selling that is. Would be nice if some of these online brokerages would include some performance data in there automatically. Or at least an open API or webservice (like Google or Flickr) so you can connect to your data and do some crunching or something. Then all sorts of applications would start popping up.

2 thoughts on “Status of Transfer to E*Trade”

  1. Dave, isn’t that the point of a ‘discount’ brokerage? You pay for cheap trades and that’s all you get?

  2. I guess so. But clearly they want more customers as they are always trying to entice people to come to E*Trade by offering their special deals. I bet with just a fraction of one year’s worth of ad spending they could add some nifty performance stuff in there and offer more value.

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