Off to E*Trade I Go

I just mailed my E*Trade application this morning. I applied for their cash optimizer account, a CDN and US trading account and an self-directed RSP account. There is a $100 transfer free from Clearsight but E*Trade will pay that. E*Trade hypes their “Conceirge Transfer Server” but it’s nothing special. In fact besides paying for the transfer fee (for accounts of $25,000 or greater) it really does nothing above and beyond what any other firm would do (like what Clearsight did when I transfered from TD).

As much as I hate to say this, I am looking forward to making some trades. The reason is that I have been pilling away cash into my RRSP for the last while and haven’t bought anything. Time to start reorganizing my portfolio. I won’t be selling and ETFs, that’s for sure (I only have one, XIC) but I’m not afraid to get rid of mutual funds at no expense and switch to some ETFs.