Still no Word from Clearsight Wellington West

Since Clearsight was bought by Wellington West about 1 month ago as I described I have not heard from my new financial advisor (as my original advisor “will no longer be with Clearsight” as a consequence of the acquisition). I decided to wait for them to call, to see how bad they wanted me. Well it appears that I am not that important to them. I did receive an email and a letter in the mail, which was appreciated, but no phone call. I thought they would have made phone calls to everyone ASAP. Anyways, I am just saying that I am disapointed and that this will influence my decision on whether or not I stay with them, follow my former investor wherever he sets up shop, or start searching for a new place altogether.

3 thoughts on “Still no Word from Clearsight Wellington West”

  1. I can not believe they would shun you like that, I am looking for an investor myself and would not want to be treated in an unappreciative manner.

  2. Just got a notification from Wellington West – new fees! $100 per account and thank you very much! So much for the Clearsight advantage.

  3. Brutal, I might have to get my wife to take her business elsewhere as well… (so far only I have moved my stuff over to E*Trade)

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