Resist the New TV Cravings

Earlier this year we almost spent over $1000 on a new TV. I am so glad that we resisted, as 2 weeks ago, we stopped watching so much TV. We started setting a limit of 1 hour at most per day combined for the two of us because we noticed we were watching way too much TV and not getting enough other things done each day. Now we barely watch TV at all, and don’t always use up the 1 hour per day allotment. The pressure to buy a big TV is huge. It seems that so many people are buying bigger and bigger TVs these days (size apparently does matter). One of the reasons that we had the temptation to buy it was because we had bunch of money sitting in an ING account. We have since starting paying down the principal of our student loans, instead of just the interest so we no longer have gobs of cash sitting in our ING accounts. We could not afford to pay down the principal of the loan before, but after a couple raises some adjustments to our monthly cash flow, we are able to pay even on the principal that we owe in interest. This is helping to keep our cravings for new expensive things at bay, and helping us slowly reduce the amount of interested owed monthly.

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