New President’s Choice Interest Plus Savings Account

I just read about this new PC Financial account, the Interest Plus Savings Account. Their interest rate is quite a bit higher than ING’s (my current high-interest savings account provider) at 4% vs. 3.35%. More importantly though, our chequing accounts are at PC already so moving to PC for high-interest savings accounts may mean that transfers between the accounts will be faster, or at the very least it means one less statement per month, one less account, and one less user name/password to worry about.

The one feature that ING has, which I hope PC also has, is the ability to give nicknames to the accounts. Right now we have nicknames like “Christmas,” “Vacation,” “Car,” etc. . . The other thing that is nice about ING is that we have 8 accounts, 4 for me and 4 for my wife and they are linked to each other because we made both our accounts joint. ING direct doesn’t have joint accounts in the normal sense. They have individual accounts, but you can essentially “share” it with another person.

3 thoughts on “New President’s Choice Interest Plus Savings Account”

  1. While your post discusses the PC Financial account, the title reads ING. When I saw it on my RSS feed, I was excited for a second that ING would offer the same thing, but I figured it couldn’t have been the same name, so the excitement died quickly. Otherwise, great post!

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