Long Time No Write

It sure has been a long time since I have generated much activiy on this site. I basically stopped looking at other blogs in my blogroll at bloglines so much because it was such a time waster. Now I just look at a few selective blogs, mostly the Canadian ones. And let’s face it, most blogs are crap anyways. 😉 I started pruning off all sorts of blogs, any blog that made reference to Kiyosaki in a positive light, anything that talked about credit card balance transfer money-making schemes, any blogs obsessive about producing ad revenue (more so than they were about investing), or anything else that I felt wasn’t worth my time. I still have far too many blogs listed in my bloglines account though. I really should trim it down more.

So what have I been up to on the financial front? Not much, everything has been going really smoothly the past few months. I have not talked to my financial advisor in a LONG time. I am just pumping the cash into my RRSP and my wife’s RRSP every month and he is accumulating it until there is enough to buy something like an ETF. I honestly have not even checked the status of my portfolio in at least 2 months. I really do not care if it has gone up by 3% or gone down by 3% during that time. That’s the way I like it, just focused on the long term performance, not worrying at all about day-to-day market activity. On the personal finance front, my spending system is working great and I hope to describe it in detail some time soon.

5 thoughts on “Long Time No Write”

  1. You are accumulating cash right now to possibly buy an ETF. I am doing the same, and don’t really know if I am getting much benefit out of where it is invested. I am putting half of it in a savings account with ING for higher interest than the bank or broker pays. I am putting the other half in a no-load income mutual fund that my advisor/broker waived the sales fee on to get my money. Do you have any other ideas for parking cash to accumulate a lump that generates an advisor’s interest?

  2. sledge: My advisor isn’t worrying about it too much. I think he figures that it isn’t really much money in the grand scheme of things and it also isn’t going to be in cash for very long. He may also not care so much because he might be a bit bearish right now. Either way, I’m not too worried about. The money is just in a low-interest bearing account at the National Bank of Canada (Clearsight contracts out some stuff to them).

  3. Dave,

    What do you think of ETF’s like PVX and PGH? They are Canadian oil trust funds that actually reinvest in their reserves, unlike our American Oil and Gas Trust funds.

    They give a high yield, and pay out monthly, and we all know that the more frequently you can compound, the better. PVX has a DRIP program, and PGH doesn’t making PVX more attractive.

    Great blog!


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