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I never thought I would write a blog post with the words “special offer.” I hate gimmicks. Anyways, I just wanted to let my fellow Canadian taxpayers know that you can you save $4 at Ufile.ca (regular price $14.99) by going to this special offer page and filling in your name and email address. I used Ufile.ca last year for the first time and it was great. The previous years I used a free trial version of TaxWiz and then printed out the information and mailed it my return but I got tired of doing that. Ufile.ca is free for anyone with less than $25,000 income as it was for me last year when I was a student. I liked it so much that I think I will use Ufile.ca again this year. I think it’s definitely worth the $10.99 price after the discount. A filed return for a second family member such as a spouse is an extra $5 and extra dependants are free.

The other big online tax service, TurboTax Canada (formerly QuickTaxWeb) is $19.99 for the first return and $10.00 for each additional return. So for a family of 2, you are looking at $30 vs. $15.99 for Ufile.ca after the discount. QuickTaxWeb’s website is also filled with promotional crap for Norton products.

Update: to the Ufile.ca deal, you actually have to pay by February 28. This means you will have to fill in some basic data then go to the payment tab and pay by credit card. Then you can return to Ufile.ca as much as you want to get your return all ready to file.

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  1. Wow, definitely clunky. It’s not web-based though. I like web-based because a) I’m on Linux so unless the *.exe will run in my emulator, I can’t use it and b) I like being able to access it from any computer and c) I like not having to install yet another program.

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