Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.1

I waited patiently until WordPress 2.0.1 was released as I heard there were quite a few bugs in WordPress 2.0. Anyways, the install was a bit tricky, mainly because I had some modifications to the default Kubrick theme which I had to port over and a bunch of plugins I had to upgrade and test as well. It looks like everything is finally working now and looks-wise the site looks almost identical to before. The administration interface is a bit nicer although nothing to write home about. The only reason I upgraded was so that I can upgrade to the next major release, and so on. The WordPress 2.0 upgrade guide was useful as well as the WordPress 2.0 Plugin Compatibility Guide. The only plugin I am sorely missing is the spelling checker I was using, which apparently doesn’t work well with 2.0. Also I just found a hosting company, and I am thinking of hosting the site at MHER.org long term. Other than one person mentioning it in a post in a forum, I don’t much about it but we’ll see.

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