Futurist Predicts End of Income Taxes

I found this article, “The Coming Collapse of Income Tax” to be an interesting read. Some may find it far-fetched but I think many of the points are well-grounded and logical. The author, Thomas Frey, is a futurist (I had no idea you could make a living out of being a futurist). Personally, I agree with the fact that we spend far too much time every April preparing our tax returns, or paying others to prepare them for us. As many Canadians probably know, “The First World War had mostly been financed by traditional means, but in 1917, a tax on income was introduced as a temporary measure to fund the war.” I believe the US brought in income taxes during the civil war, and then removed them and reinstated them a few times before bringing them in for good around the time of World War I. Can they be removed again in Canada or the US? The article certainly presents some interesting arguments for how this might happen.

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