Personal Finance Planning Too Hard

According to a survey. “almost half of U.S. consumers say retirement planning is harder than raising a child.”

That’s sort of a random smattering of data. Would have been nice to see the original data. Wow, I didn’t realize that retirement planning could be harder than raising a child. We should definitely bring in some mandatory “business” in high schools. When I was in high school we had a mandatory “business education” class where we learned about economics, taxes, investments, etc… It was a really great class, but sadly it was removed from the British Columbia school system the year after I took it. Such a class would be really useful in teaching people how to plan for their retirement.

Here’s the rest of the article,

Seventy percent said they would switch to a financial services firm with a reputation for making the financial planning process easier.

Nearly four out of 10 consumers said it is difficult to understand most financial services information. Forty-two percent said they spend more time researching their new car purchases, while 23 percent said they do research on a financial advisor.

A third of consumers say friends, relatives and co-workers are their most reliable sources for financial information.

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