Money NUT

Just read a great article about being a Money NUT. Since I am a money nut myself, I agreed with a lot of what he said, including the part about financial blogs which I am have recently become more a part of:

I read financial related blogs. Over the past year, by both posting on my blog, and by continually reading all the other personal finance blogs, I’ve found that I am always reinforcing my values. Being a part of the PF blog community has given me the motivation to always make our net worth number go up and to follow the principles that most of us share. It’s like a support group without the circle of chairs.

He asks “Do you get the jokes about being ‘cheap’, or a ‘tightwad’?” I have definitely been called cheap before, but I don’t mind any more. Actually my dad and my dad’s dad are probably called “cheap” more than me so maybe it’s going to get worse with age. But they’ve also done better than anyone else I know at saving their money and building significantly large nest eggs without having ultra high-paying jobs and without sacrificing quality of life.

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