ETFs, the Inflation Fighter

The article, ETFs, the Inflation Fighter, talks about how sectors such as energy, utilities, and health care can help your portfolio during periods of high inflation. Historically, these sectors have done well during these periods. Sectors which are worse off during periods of “inflation acceleration” are consumer-discretionary, financial, industrial, and information-technology. My own advisor has recommended I overweight my portfolio in the energy markets (which does well during periods of high inflation and rising interest rates), especially since the S&P TSX indexes are heavily weighted in the financial sector (which does poorly during periods of high inflation and rising interest rates).

I have no idea why the title was “ETFs, the inflation fighter.” ETFs are just one way of investing in the stock market, and clearly not ALL ETFs are inflation fighters. Well, Ghosh works for Standard & Poor, so that might explain the bias towards an ETF rather than a managed mutual fund or individual stocks.

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